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Welcome to our blog, a personal style journal of all the lovely things we come across in life. We hope you enjoy your stay and perhaps find some inspiration to share.

The name "In the Mood for ♥" comes from a Wong Kar Wai movie of a similar name.

Though the movie is well made in every aspect from the photography to the music to the story, my favorite thing about it has always been the women. The way Maggie Cheung would swing her hips in her form-fitting qipao will always remind me how a woman can be so effortlessly beautiful.

The movie features a timeless elegance and style that still holds relevant to our style as well as the fashion world. The November issue of Harper's Bazaar's Singapore magazine featured a fashion spread with a modern take on the themes and images from the movie and the results were quite breath-taking.

We hope to share our take on the modern woman and we invite you to join us in this endeavor.

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