Cool Grey

Cool comfy casual has been my jam all winter. This easy knit shirt can be worn with heels and a purse or a beanie and sneakers which is exactly what I love most about it. Either worn with a long or short coat, the tail always turns a few heads and that's most you can ask of something you paid $15 for.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Whenever you want a break from the brights and florals of the summer, try go for soft and muted tones. This color palette is perfect for a laid back sunday morning and I'm in love with these "pretty ugly" Birkenstock Arizona sandals! When I first saw them, I just knew I had to borrow them from my friend Annie for this shoot. 

I Can Hear the Bells

Wedding season has officially begun and, like me, you might find yourself purchasing a ton of dresses to avoid showing up in the same outfit twice. These photos were actually shot right before attending a friend's wedding and, for an event that will most likely be the most photographed event of someone's life, you want to look your best without overshadowing the couple. So I went with a simple dress with a little sparkle and low heels for the dance floor. I could easily swap out these beautiful Jeffrey Campbell bow heels for a pair of metallic ones to be a little trendier. You can even pair the dress with a jeweled belt to add a bit more shine!

Coffee Break

As much as I love fashion and appreciate the creativity, sweat and labor always goes into the making of it. I have to admit sometimes it's just hard for me to justify the price for some pieces and I believe that style is not defined by the price of clothing, but rather your attitude and taste. I enjoy digging through piles of $20 sale sweaters or carefully examining some second hand dresses at thrift stores as much as I enjoy slipping on a pair of $500 shoes at a boutique store in Hayes Valley (from where I haven't bought a single item so far). That being said, one more method of acquiring great pieces without breaking your bank is having clothing swaps with your most fashionable friends. 

Hopeless Wanderer

Even the most dainty girls will find their inner tomboy when faced with the wild. It's hard not to have a fascination with nature when you live in the northwest. Most of my summer weekends tend to be spent more in the woods than in the city. I'm quite a wild wanderer but I've never mixed fashion with the outdoors and mainly because outdoor fashion is more function than flair. This week, however, I was able to combine fashion with an amazing hike to the ghost town of Monte Cristo. Can I have my cake now please?


There can never be enough posts on spring fashion, because there are just so many opportunities. As the season which awakens the earth, I thought some energetic pattern mix would be a good style to go for if you feel like venturing out from the usual (but always great) floral patterns. And if you want to study up on fashion's "tribal" or "ethnic" prints, here is a nice quick read from Refinery29 – What Fashion's "Ethnic" Prints Are Really Called.

Celebration of Life, Music, and You!

Urban Outfitters Festival Lookbook 2014
I never thought festivals were about standing out. Life is about standing out. However, festivals are a wonderful testing ground for clothes that you were always afraid to wear. Xiang and I are living bravely in our fashion lives but that doesn't mean we don't have fashion fears. We put together some dream boards of what we've been secretly wanting to wear and our secrets are here on display as festival fashion. What better place is there than a music festival to forget about your worries and your normal lives? Throw all inhibitions out the door this summer and do the things you've always wanted to do and let the biggest festivals serve as your excuse.

Victorian Spring

Whoa, I can't believe we are almost a quarter into 2014. We just passed the first day of Spring last week, didn't we? I know I have not been so present on the blog lately, but thanks to Jen, we still managed to post some good stuff! I've been quite busy with work and trying to keep up my new year solution, which is probably the one resolution you hear everyone talk about every year: Work out more. Also, instead of only sticking to yoga, I've been trying different classes, including cardio, weight training, zumba, and even capoeira for the first time! When Jen visited me a couple of weeks ago, she also came with me to a cardio barre class. We got a good work out, but you'll have to ask Jen if she would go again. :p