Coffee Break

As much as I love fashion and appreciate the creativity, sweat and labor always goes into the making of it. I have to admit sometimes it's just hard for me to justify the price for some pieces and I believe that style is not defined by the price of clothing, but rather your attitude and taste. I enjoy digging through piles of $20 sale sweaters or carefully examining some second hand dresses at thrift stores as much as I enjoy slipping on a pair of $500 shoes at a boutique store in Hayes Valley (from where I haven't bought a single item so far). That being said, one more method of acquiring great pieces without breaking your bank is having clothing swaps with your most fashionable friends. 

Scoring great additional pieces for your closet for free is not the only benefit of a clothing swap. I get as much pleasure seeing some of my old pieces come to life again on my friends. It is also a great excuse to just get together, share some wine and snacks while bonding over fashion. I got this white top from a most recent clothing swap. I love the elegance of the floral neckline and the sophistication it adds to a simple white tank. With this top, you can easily go the fair lady route by matching it with a simple circle skirt like this one, plus a pair of low heels. To make it more interesting, you can pair it with something sporty like these pants I'm wearing. The wedges are one of my latest additions. My boyfriend says they are too pointy and he finds them intimidating. I say I love the fierceness :)

Bottom -  Lush from Azelea. Similar here
Shoes - BCBG
Photos by Zooey at Sightglass Cafe
Hair by Zooey

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