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Urban Outfitters Festival Lookbook 2014
I never thought festivals were about standing out. Life is about standing out. However, festivals are a wonderful testing ground for clothes that you were always afraid to wear. Xiang and I are living bravely in our fashion lives but that doesn't mean we don't have fashion fears. We put together some dream boards of what we've been secretly wanting to wear and our secrets are here on display as festival fashion. What better place is there than a music festival to forget about your worries and your normal lives? Throw all inhibitions out the door this summer and do the things you've always wanted to do and let the biggest festivals serve as your excuse.

Swimwear on Land

Some festivals are by the water, most aren't. But do not let that stop you from wearing a swim suit, because they are fashionable, sexy, and, if needed, you are always ready for the extra pool party! This one-piece from Free People takes on more of a regular outfit design pattern which makes it easy to wear it on land. Two biggest things I learned from going to Coachella last year was One, bring an extra layer, because it gets cold at night. Two, wear comfortable shoes, because you are going to be on your feet all day long. This kimono wrap from Ark has the cool chic look, also why not throw in some fringes in there? When is a better time to wear fringe than at a music festival?  

Free People One-piece  .  Ark Kimono Fringed Layer  .  Madewell Sun Glasses  .  Jeffery Campell Shoes

White Princess

At music festivals, there's technically no color that would not fly. But I always think white is one that would stand out the most, or maybe it is just the most romantic one either in a dessert or beach setting. And if you are flying or driving for hours for some 3-day music getaway, wear something more daring too. Try that open back dress you've always wanted. But don't forget to the accessories that really dress up the outfit either! 

Free People Poncho  .  Open-back Dress  .  Bracelet  .  Headband  .  Keds Shoes  .   mini Purse  .  Bangle
Black Gold Tartan

The one music festival I go to every year is the Capitol Hill Block Party and it's taught me a little about what it's like to have an outfit go from day to night in the brisker Seattle summers. The sun is rarely sweltering around here so the black faux leather won't be too suffocating in the heat of the summer. The plaid shirt can be tied around your waist while you dance during the day and then serve as a jacket when you continue on at night. The shirt even has convenient breast pockets for storing all your valuable. I thought about pairing a killer pair of booties with this outfit but some stylish sneakers will keep you comfortable actively standing all day. There is definitely no pair of sneakers I love more than these winged Adidas Originals!

Free People Sunglasses . UNIF Braille Hat . Blaque Label Top . Forever 21 Skirt . Simply Scout Shirt . Adidas Shoes
Tropical Goddess
As a short girl, it is rare that I can rock a pair of drop waist harem pants but at a festival, I would totally try it. One of my new favorite labels, Cameo, just happens to make a pair of one of the most elegant harem pants I've seen and I'm dying to get my hands on them. Those pants inspired this outfit and maybe in a dream of mine, I can rock out in them without looking short.

Quay Fleur Shades . UO Hair Crown . Cross Top . UO Fern Ear Cuff . Cameo Pants . Watermelon Clutch . Greek Sandals

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