The Art of Spring Fashion

I recently visited the Legion of Honor - a fine Arts museum in San Francisco. I was very inspired by the art works and the French neoclassical building. Some of the figures in the 200- year-old art works I saw reminds me some of the current fashion trends. So I convinced Jen to help me put together some spring outfits inspired by some of the art I saw. Hope you guys enjoy them!


Inspiration:The Broken Pitcher
Artist: William Adolphe Bouguereau (French)
Year: 1891
Theme: Sheer high-low

Picking the right dress was easy since there are so many beautiful navy dresses available. the hard part was integrating all the colors into the outfit. Thankfully the shoes made it easy and for colder days or more formal events you can throw on a blazer for good measure.  -Jen
Sheer Blue High Low

Dress: LOVE Navy Chiffon Cross Bust Maxi
Jacket: Co-ord Jacquard Blazer
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell Pizan Fab
Necklace: Enamel Locket Necklace
Purse: Straw M.A.C. Bombe
Bangles: Asos


Inspiration:Laure-Emile-Felicite David, Baronne Meunière
Artist: Jacques-Louis David (French)
Year: 1891
Theme: Puff Sleeve

I love that original outfit is full of cute and feminine elements: empire waist line, puff sleeves with lace and the color orange. To modernize this, I keep the puff sleeves but pair it with a clean silhouette with skinny jeans. Adding a pair of Toms to complete the urban hip style.  -Xiang

Puffy Sleeves

Top: Miu Miu vintage puff sleeve
Pants: Candy Green Skinny Pants
Shoes: TOMS Ballet Flats
Bracelet: Digital Heart Bracelet
Clutch: AA Suede Envelope Clutch
Hair-Clips: Forever 21 hair clips


Inspiration: The Misses Muriel and Consuelo Vanderbilt
Artist: Giovanni Boldini (Italian)
Year: 1913
Theme: Rompers and Knee High Socks

I have a thing for knee socks so I was excited to put together these outfits! Knee socks always look good with short shorts or mini skirts but a short romper can do it all. - Jen
Knee High Socks

Black Jumpsuit: ANNA SUI Black Short Jumpsuit
Black Socks: DKNY Satin Stripe Over the Knee Socks
Shoes: Court Shoe With Methacrylate Heel
Necklace: Antique 17" Gold Collar Choker
Clutch: Alexander McQueen Studded Black Leather Clutch

Jumpsuit: Alice by Temperley Surya Lace Jumpsuit
Gray Knee High Socks: Falke Cable Knee High Socks
Silver Heels: TOMS Ballet Flats
Clutch: Coral Louise Leather Clutch Bag
Necklace: Fiona Paxton Zoe Collar Necklace -Multi


Inspiration:Lucinda, Commedia dell'Arte series
Artist: Franz Anton Bustelli  (German)
Year: ca. 1755 - 1760
Theme: Yellow Maxi

What says Spring better than a romantic maxi and a fresh color palette? Mint is the buzz color on the Spring 2012 runway. A maxi is fine either you match it with heels or flats. Last but not the least, match your nails with some light but muted colors!  -Xiang

Yellow Maxi
Yellow Maxi by jenau featuring an opi nailpolish

Heels: Havanna Light
Sandals: Sandals Sophie
OPI Nail Polish (from left to right) : Texas Sky Blue, Mimosas, Collins Ave, Colney Island Cotton Candy


Hope you enjoy this post! And guess what? There is going to be a follow up post on 4 guys' outfits to match what we created today. Stay tuned!



  1. There are so many secretes hidden within old paintings, its what makes looking at them so much fun. And I absolutely love this idea! Can't wait to read more posts :)

    1. Thanks Ruolan! Did you get to see the follow up post on men's fashion inspired by French art by our old colleague Matt?