Petite Gone Oversized – with Sabrina

Some of you may have noticed that Jen and I have opened up our blog to guest writers for certain topics (e.g. Gearing Up for Valientine's Day: Gentlemen's Edition, The Art of Spring Fashion: Gentlemen's Edition). Well, this is our first guest photoshoot post featuring our friend Sabrina on her unique ability to pull off an "M" when her usual size is an "XS." 


As a tiny girl, I've gotten in the habit of taking practically everything I own to my tailor. However, sometimes I just want to be lazy. When I find something I like but it's all sold out in the smaller sizes, I usually decide to just run with it and buy the item in an intentionally larger size.

The fun thing about oversize clothing is that if you style it properly it can actually further emphasize just how small you really are! Here are some pro-tips to keep in mind when wearing oversize:

Go Big or Go Home
You need to choose pieces that are exaggeratedly big on you, otherwise your look will appear sloppy, ill-fitting, and unintentional. For example, normal crew collars should become off-the-shoulder tops. A general rule of thumb would be to go two-sizes up. I usually wear an XS but all my 'oversize' pieces tend to be M's.

Find Your Balance
Think of your oversize item as the 'statement' piece of your outfit. There should only be one and everything else should work in service of it. If you're wearing an oversize top, pair it with form-fitting tights or skinny jeans. If you're wearing a voluminous skirt or pants then balance it with a shrunken or cropped top. This will remind people that you dohave a figure under there.

Stay Neutral
A neutral color palette help keeps the look pulled together and polished. Shades of gray and camel keep things grown-up and prevent you from looking like a child playing dress-up. I prefer to keep my fitted pieces black because it's more slimming and puts more emphasis on the oversized piece.

Last but not least, the best thing about wearing oversize clothing is that it's just plain comfy! If you feel comfortable then you'll look it too and what's not to love about that? 


What Sabrina is Wearing

Knitted Vest from Marks & Spencer (Similar)
Printed Top from H&M (Similar)
Dress Shorts by J.Crew (Similar)
Tights by Hue (Similar)

Sabrina has contributed to one of our previous post Gearing Up for Valientine's Day: Gentlemen's Edition. You can find more about her in that post.

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