The Art of Spring Fashion: Gentlemen's Edition

Our new guest post on Spring Fashion features our good friend and old colleague Matthew Jackson, who knows quite a bit about looking sharp and living in style. Check out his picks below and be sure to read more about his food adventures in his blog, The JB Kitchen


Inspiration: Portrait of Auguste Renoir
Artist: Jean Frédéric Bazille (French)
Year: 1867
Theme: Dressier silhouettes worn casually

For this look, the key is to choose well-cut pieces in casual materials like linen and cotton. To modernize the styling, wear well-fitting denim or chinos in white or ecru washes to capture the spirit of the original style. 

Choose a fitted, casual woven shirt that can be worn slightly wrinkled, and add an unstructured cotton or linen jacket, perhaps with a coordinated by mismatched vest. Pairing dark and light neutral colors bring the look polish, and slight pops of clear blue add visual appeal. Use accessories like the belt, shoes and a loose tie to make the look your own.
Dressier Silhouettes Worn Casually


Inspiration: Portrait of Mateu Fernandez de Soto
Artist: Pablo Picasso (French)
Year: 1901
Theme: Statement Outerwear

Pick a jacket or coat that makes a statement and build a simple outfit around it. A bold, navy peacoat is a timeless jacket, and brings any simple look an elevated level of effortless chic. Worn with a simple t-shift and fitted grey jeans, the outerwear completes the effect of this outfit. Contrast the nautical flavor with boots to ground the styling so you’re ready for any bar scene.

Statement Outerwear


Inspiration: Edgar Degas, Self-Portrait
Artist: Edgar Degas (French)
Year: 1857-58
Theme: Loose, casual accessories

The bohemian look sported by Degas in this self-portrait fits in with today’s modern aesthetic of hip men’s styling. Take a casual look – dark, straight or slim jeans and a unique but casual woven shirt – and give it a twist with a chunky layered cardigan and trendy accessories. The key is to keep the color palate earthy, but still bring in pops of color. Details should be casual but creative.
Loose, Casual Accessories


Inspiration: Victor Chocquet Seated
Artist: Paul Cézanne (French)
Year: 1877
Theme: Tailored Casual

Clean cut and comfortable, this look is classic for men of any age. Recalling Mad Men, the key to this French look from the late nineteenth century is to pull well-fitted pieces together simply and with confidence. Wear a trim suit for a casual weekend get-together by downplaying the formality – the original look was a casual one for Mr. Chocquet, so wear it as he does. To modernize the look, unbutton the woven shirt a little bit, wear fun socks, and slip on a comfortable pair of caramel loafers.

Tailored Casual


A little about our friend:

Matthew Jackson, author of, lives in Seattle, WA. Passionate about food and culture, Jackson started writing restaurant reviews and a fashion column for The Daily while attending the University of Washington. Since then, he continues to share this love through blogging, hoping to inspire others to find the same enjoyment in exploring their own personal interests as he has.

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