Top Picks: Tights and Leggings

May is a tricky month to dress for in both SF and Seattle. The weather in both places is often unpredictable and the temperatures can fluctuate from cold and rainy to warm and sunny.  Oftentimes, the weather is too warm to permit wearing jeans on a daily basis but not quite warm enough to just go bare legs with a dress, skirt, or shorts.

However, May is the perfect month to show off your leggings collection! We get a lot of compliments on our leggings and tights and we thought we'd pick out our favorites to keep your legs warm in this crazy weather. Hope you enjoy them!


"I absolutely love leggings! I think leggings, regardless of the design, always add a feminine touch to the entire outfit. I own many pairs of different textures and colors. I match them technically with pretty much anything: casual skirts, fancy dresses, shorts, heels, flats etc. I picked these five very different leggings that I would love to wear. (The AA geo pattern pair is featured in our post In the Mood for Rays of Spring) Hope they serve as an inspiration for something you would want to wear."

1. Ombre Tights     


"I often wear solid colored tights but, for this article, I decided to pick some of the printed tights that I wish I had in my closet. Xiang already had dibs on the hand-dyed Sunset Ombre tights that I adore so I picked a couple fun colorful tights as well as ones that would work for every day. The stars fishnet is definitely a standout piece but would be fun and bright for summer and all the Fourth of July celebrations that ensue."

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  1. I love wearing leggings a lot as I feel so comfortable in those. Pattern work out leggings are my most favourite while doing yoga. Well, thanks for sharing different variety of leggings here, and I would love to buy few more for my gym.