Dressing for Summer: Men's Wear Edition

Zara Lookbook 2012
Often times, we get requests from our guy friends on more menswear posts, so here we go –  we tasked 3 fashionable guys: Paul, Sage (who is also a menswear fashion designer) and Brandon to pick 2 outfits: one for day and one for night, as well as some accessories for the summer. Let's see how they did.




"As the sun's scorching rays blast upon us, get ready to switch over from pants to shorts. This orange shorts with aztec trimming is the perfect statement of bold and fun. What better time to rock this color than summer? 

You can compliment the bold shorts with a washed out graphic tee. As a staple for living in the bay, I have complimented this outfit with a mint woven button up because you never know what the weather will bring. With the versatility of the buttoned look, you can either dress this outfit up or down, depending on the situation.

My favorite outfits are ones that can transform throughout the day. This one is light enough to keep you cool and keep you a little cozy during that cold breeze! I love accessorizing with beanies if you can't figure out how you want to wear your hair. Compliment it with some squared frame or round sunglasses is a must for the bright sun. Finally finish it off with shoes by Oliberte to give you that relaxed feel and attach that skull watch to your wrist for extra bad ass points!"

Paul's pick for day time:
Sunglasses: Round

"As the night approaches, it's time to get serious and get your swag on!

As you can tell there are less colors in this set because the key is simplicity and my aim is for a modern urban gentleman. These trousers are very light so you'll be able to move about freely and maybe show off a little of your dance moves. Pair it with a light and simple white linen button shirt. Wear brown leather shoes to add the some lightness to the outfit and crazy cool socks for that pop of surprise.

Cuff your trousers a little bit so that the pop of color in the socks show through. Details are always appreciated. Optional bomber jacket to layer over when the night gets a little chilly and accessorize with a very simple necklace. Spice it up with an chevron wristband for your watch because those hands will be holding drinks and the watch will get some attention for sure.

I've always appreciated suspenders, which can be worn hanging down for a more relaxed urban look or you can tuck your shirt in and wear it! Whatever the night calls for, you're ready to transform in this outfit. Now don't forget this dual purpose iphone case with a credit card holder. The benefit is that you only have one thing to worry that night and if you guard it with your life then you are set! Again, just like the daytime outfit, if your hair isn't slicked back like the guys in Mad Men, then opt for the fedora. You'll make heads turn by the end of the night. Swag on!"

Paul's pick for night time:

Hat: Hammeren
Belt: Forever 21
Socks: Square 04



"This summer, bright colors are the key for fashion. Let your day outfit be as cheerful and bright as you are. This day outfit will surely bring back memories of camping, going to the beach, or enjoy ice cream under the sunshine from days of old. Who wouldn't want to bring back those amazing memories? At night, be casual but add some cool accessories to spice things up!"

Sage's pick for day time:

Sage's pick for night time:

Jeans: G-star
Watch: Tendence



"The outfits I chose are a reflection of my style. People generally dress down during the summer but I look at this season as a challenge. I love winter because I like being able to wear something light on the eyes but still have the look of someone who put effort into what they choose. I try to take this same approach and apply it to summer. Instead of stylizing my outfits with layers, like in the winter, you can do the same but with accessories in the summer."

Brandon's pick for day time:

Jacket: Mr. DT
Shorts: LANVIN
Bag: Lluch Holdall Bag
Shoes: ALDO
Sun-glasses: Gargoyles ANSI Classics

Brandon's pick for night time:

Jacket: Mr. DT
Pocket Square: Sid Mashburn
Shoes (left): ALDO
Shoes (right): ALDO


Lastly, check out the accessory picks:

From left to right, top to bottom:

iPhone Case: Me Phone Cover
Suspenders: Forever 21
Belt: Top Man
Sunglasses: ACNE
Shoes: ALDO
Watch: G-Shock


A little about our friends:


An island boy turned into a city boy. As I transitioned from different phases in my life, my style changed with it. But what remains the same is my love for color and simplicity. As a Graphic Designer, I like to mix and match till I get it right, and the same goes for fashion. The key thing I've learned, when shopping for clothes, is that they have to fit and compliment your body type. The color/design should also suit your personality so look around and find your niche. Don't be afraid to be eccentric, mix and match what you already have with what you're shopping for and lastly ALWAYS try them on. When shopping, I always wear a plain white tee and dark denim jeans. It's easier to match clothes in the store with a simple outfit and you can get a clear vision of what it'll look like later on. Simplicity is key – less is more. That rule applies to everything, I swear.

Follow me on Twitter (@pcap_),


I grew up as the youngest kid in my family so I rarely get to wear any new clothes. I really hated the hand-me-downs because, at the time, I wanted to get "purple" clothes (I don't remember why), but unfortunately, they never gave me anything in purple. I also didn't want to dress the same as anybody. I wanted to be a unique person at all times so I started alternating my hand-me-downs when I was 12. I guess it was my first step into the fashion world. Now I am making and designing garments by myself (Yes! I can make tons of purple shirts) and working as stylist.

I love creating things. Check out some of my works here: .


As a creator of art and music, I've always been interested in experimenting with as many mediums I could get my hands on! A lot of what I do in art has an impact on my life and I love to show it. My fashion choices reflect a lot of my experiemental nature, as abstract designs and anything that quickly catches a person's eye always find themselves into my wardrobe. The secret is not to take all of this entirely too serious; have fun, mix it up! Use your inspirations to fuel what you like to wear. Out of everything that I put together, accessories have always stuck out to me. Things that are rare in design, intricate looks and charms really pull together a really interesting look.

Always look for new inspirations and be genuine, you can find a bit more about me here:
@brandonfoy - Twitter


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