In the Mood for Summer Green

I've always wanted a bustier: a perfect combination of a cropped top and a modern corset. A bustier has the best of both worlds: its easy to match with either a maxi skirt or jean shorts; it sculptures your torso well without the discomfort of a real corset. plus this top has summery flowery patterns, how can i not take it home?

One trick to wear a low cut bustier is that instead of wearing a real bra inside, try a soft colorful bralette instead. Most bras don't work well with the shape of the top, and probably not that comfortable if your bustier already have a defined chest line. American Apparel has a lot of options and it is fun to add your own colors without looking like you just carelessly wearing a top that is too small.

What I'm Wearing
Top: H&M Divided Concept (similar)
Bralette: AA
Leggings: TopShop

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