Top Picks: Apple Accessories

Jen's iPhone with the Bird's Nest Case
Alas, summer is almost over for most of us which for some means back to school and for others, maybe a new chapter in life is about to unfold. Wherever you'll be this fall, we're sure that your smart phone, tablet, and/or laptop will follow you on your adventures. So this week we picked our favorite tech accessories that go wherever our devices do. We decided to only do Apple device because we only own Apple devices and we like to do what we know! For those Android users out there, send us your favorite Android accessories!


It's hard to determine how much time I spend on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook everyday. On the train I check my iPhone for updates and messages and use my iPad to write down my thoughts, or if I have work to do I'll have my MacBook with me. During the weekends I take my MacBook Air to a coffee shop and catch up on some reading. Since I carry all of these devices with me to so many places, I decided that getting a case for them would be a great idea for two reasons: 1. To protect them from small accidents such as spilling a drink on a table and 2. A nice case makes a good fashion statement. After browsing through hundreds of cases I was surprised with how many great designs exist, but I selected a few that I enjoyed the most and cover a broad range of styles. I hope you enjoy them!

iPhone Cases

Hippe Dream Catcher: WANELO
Mono Tone 3D: Society 6
Trendy Space: Society 6
Abstract Bow: Kate Spade
Designery Typography (have the entire alphabet): by Jessica Hische
Hipster Polaroid: Society 6


Yellow Clutch (also various other patterns and designs from this shop): Etsy

Wool Sleeve (comes in 9 different colors): B&M

Portfolio (comes in various colors): iPad2cases 


Panda (seriously, how u can turn this cutie down?): Etsy

Padded Case (even a matchy bag): Aubin&Wills

Modern Red: Ted Baker


My old case saved my iPhone 3GS from many falls and drops so therefore the first thing I bought for my new iPhone 4S was the Bird's Nest case. Back then the case only came in silver and red but now it comes in all sorts of fashionable colors (the black and white are my new favorites). I bought it because I had fond memories of China and my phone reminds me that I need to go back again soon. The new iPhone is thin and sleek so I specifically chose cases that were the same and wouldn't add much bulk to the original design. As much as a rugged case can save your phone from a 50ft drop, I hope that I wouldn't be that irresponsible in the first place. I love the Bird's Nest case and it has lasted me through many drops, however here are some of my choices for the next case that I would get as well as iPad and Macbook cases:

iPhone Cases

From Top Left to Bottom Right:
Incase Bird's Nest
Perforated Yellow 
Clear Back
Wooden Camera
Speckled Case


Chevron iPad Sleeve, perfectly pair-able with the chevron iPhone case.

Made to order Felt Envelope iPad Sleeve (a sleek look to match any outfit on any gender)

Valextra Leather iPad Case, probably the most sleek and classic way to carry your iPad

The Tusk Capri iPad Easel, a bright and soft carrying case for every day.

Dodo Book Cases for those who love the look and feel of a hefty book in your hands.


Messenger Bag by Graf & Lantz

Built to hold a 15" Macbook Pro, this chocolate leather and Merino Wool bag is a stylish (and a tad rugged) way to carry your work around with you while keeping your laptop safe and sound.

Brahmin Chevron Laptop Case

Speaking of stylish, I'm pretty much in love with this chevron laptop case. Not only will it function as a laptop case but it can also be used as a purse.



Colored Charger:
iPhone Wallet: Michael Kors
Piggy Power Strip: Power Bank
iPhone Sound Amplifier Planter (a docking station with space for planter): Bloombox
Crystal Bow Cell Phone Topper: T+J Designs
Arrow Cell Phone Topper: Etsy


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