Dare to Bare: Gentlemen's Choice

Casabella Color Splash Lingerie Line
In the tradition of last year's Valentine's day post, we asked some of our gentleman friends to pick what they would like to see girls wear underneath their clothes, just based on their perspective, as an  accompaniment to our lingerie post. We thought it would be interesting to let the guys do the shopping and find out what they think is sexy. Ladies, we want to hear what you think of these gents' choices! Who did you love the best? Who really missed the mark?


"When it comes to lingerie, there is nothing more classically sexier than a garter belt and backseam thigh-highs. With matching bra and panties, these make anyone look like they just retired to their room overlooking the Riviera and slipped out of their pearls. All in black of course."

American Apparel

"In a world filled with hyper-sexualised entertainment and advertisements, it's nice to return to something a bit subdued; something that leaves room for your imagination to wander. What I've chosen is something sensual but does not give away too much. There should be some sort of build-up and anticipation with lingerie. A lot of these one-pieces, especially the lilibons wear, appear classic, accentuate shapes, adds a little bit of playfulness. They are sexy without being totally explicit. In modern times we've traded in tease for sleaze, you can still be sexy whilst wearing a number of the outfits displayed here."



So Anxious Clothing
Agent Provocateur
American Apparel

"The thing about lingerie is this: it's not so much the lack of clothing that catches our eye, but it is, rather, the promise and tease of what lies underneath. It's that perfect moment when, too much more or too much less both result in there being nothing left to see.

My taste in lingerie is much like my preference for women: cute and feminine, while striking the right balance between conservative and edgy. And what says this better than black and pink?"

French Lingerie Outlet

French Lingerie Outlet


"It's simple, seductive, and sophisticated. It leaves something for the imagination and it caters to the classy but naughty gentleman. I love it because if a woman wears that for me, she's trying to make our night special. She's showing me her best. It shows me she understands taste and pleasure. It's like opening a beautifully wrapped present knowing what's inside is going to be amazing."

Victoria's Secret

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