Dare to Bare: Valentine's Day Lingerie Picks

We agree that clothes have power and what you wear under your clothes is no different. We all love our boy shorts and bloomers for their comfort but when it comes to harnessing the power of underwear, those just don't cut it. Power is what it comes down to when it comes to lingerie. A piece of lingerie should make you feel like a goddess, not a plaything. It should highlight your beauty and grace and express that it is any man's (or woman's) privilege to be with you. That is the power of lingerie.

Last year for Valentine's Day we did a post on what to wear on a date. This year we decided to explore what's underneath those clothes in our first ever not safe for work post. We figured that clothes will always flatter your body but lingerie will make you love it. Enjoy the results!

Either you have a special someone or you are taking your time with independence, it is always nice to indulge a bit see-through lace and soft silk to cherish your body. Why not take this Valentine's day as an opportunity to give yourself some treat? Undress and dress up, be powerful and beautiful.

Baby Doll
Journelle lookbook 2013: American Beauty

Left: Polka Dot Top: VC  / Right: Black Top: Intimissimi

Left:Berry Kiss Boudoir Bra: Journelle /  Right: Kitty Cut Bra: Journelle

Cover Up for More


left: fairefroufrou / Right: VC

Urban Youth

Princess Tam Tam
Princess Tam Tam
Princess Tam Tam
American Apparel

Vintage Inspired

Rosebud & Slave


Lingerie can be just as inspired as fashion so I picked a few designers that have interesting and inspired collections. I don't always agree with expensive lingerie but I understand it. Lingerie is a piece of clothing that will stay in your closet forever so it might as well be something that you look incredible in. Any price is a small price to pay compared to how you will feel when you're wearing it.

Marika Vera

For a brand whose slogan is "Better than Naked," Marika Vera really set out to prove that there is such a thing. And the thing is... I believe her. The pieces give a little bit of sexiness to the observer, everything to the the person privileged enough to touch, and all the power to you. Not Just a Label described her best when they said "Marika Vera exists to empower women, to inspire them to live sensually in a pleasing and sophisticated way for themselves and others."

Below is two of her collections. The first being "Venus in Furs" which is now 40% on her website. The second is her new collection "Queen of the Galaxy" which you can find in stores now.


Nichole De Carle

Nichole De Carle somehow found a way to combine architecture, art, and literature and turn it into lingerie. Her designs were inspired by architectural icons in the historic capitals of the world: The Duomo in Milan, Westminster Abbey in London, the Chrysler building in New York, and Chateau de Villette in Paris. However, the clean lines and interesting structure of her lingerie doesn't make you think of building but rather helps you see your body in a whole new way.

Much of the her collection can be found on ASOS but you can also shop the brand's website.mari



A brand started by Chloe Hamblen, Lasvicious strives to produce empowering lingerie with a bit of edge. Her provocative designs definitely make it obvious who is really the true ruler of the bedroom. You can find the first collection on sale in certain boutiques. We also have a preview of her new collection that's soon to come.


La Perla

La Perla is the most popular and accessible brand of lingerie we have so far. They're known, not only for they luxurious and elegant designs, but for the inspiration they take from history and culture as well. You can find a wide range of selection of La Perla lingerie at Nordstrom or on Amazon. But the best place to find what you're looking for is on their website.

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