Year of the Snake – Get Your Animal Print On!

Growing up, Chinese New Year has always had special significance for us. Not every lunar year is especially significant in fashion though so we want to take advantage of this opportunity while we still can. This year is the year of the snake, and while the snake is generally looked as to be intelligent yet misunderstood, there's one thing that is for sure: The snake is a huge icon in fashion. So we wanted to wish you a very happy and healthy year of the snake by bringing you our favorite items inspired by this incredibly chic reptile. 


It took me a while to warm up to leopard prints – I thought it was such a distintive printer that's hard to match and just too literal to be worn. But now I love leopard prints on flats or scarfs. Before this post I thought snake print is even a level up from leopard print. It is so unique and seems untamable. But after finding all these pieces with colorful python print or a match with softer colors like pink, I am now on a hunt to find the first snake print piece to add to my wardrobe.

Karolina Bień from Poland by fashion photographer Maciej Bernas
boohoo / Chicnova / CK
Loeffler Randall

Box Clutch: SSENSE

MC - Gold Snake


I've never been a big fan of animal print but I always seem to make a special exception for snake skin. While other animal prints are treated just as patterns, snake skin has a special texture to accompany its pattern and that texture, I think, is what sets it apart from all the other patterns and animals. So when it comes to chic fashion, the snake is definitely the king. It's not only a beautiful print you see but also one you can feel slithering against your skin.

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