Like Mother Like Daughter

Like many girls, my mother is my first (and life-time) stylist / fashion consultant. I remember being a young kid, my mother would pick outfits for me and finish the final touch with one of her leopard print scarfs around my neck. And before I go to my neighbors' or school, she would say, "Ask your friends what they think of your outfits."

Till today fashion is still one of many topics that tie my mom and I together. We talk about our newly acquired fashion items over the phone or have a virtual fashion show on Skype. Despite the fact that we now live on two different continents, she still often acquires clothing for me when she goes out shopping. When I tell her that I can shop them here in the states, she replies, "but you are so busy with work, and you don't go out shopping often." Especially after I told her I started this blog, she feels more justified about her purchases. She gets a real kick out of the fact that my friends compliment on some of my clothing from her, or when her stuff are featured on the blog (a couple here: the vest from Fall Layers; tank and skirt from Kiss of Cherry Wine; suit vest from Borrowed from Boys; etc.).

I have to admit that it took me years to grasp how much love is in my mom's nagging, worry and all the clothes she picked out for me. Now being so far away from her makes me appreciate all of it on a whole new different level.

For this Mother's Day, I'd like to share with you darling fashion blog: Like Mommy Like Daughter by my friend Aygyun. Reading her blog reminds me of my mom and me, and how fashion bonds us from the beginning.

"I’ve always dreamed about having a little girl, so I could dress her beautifully and stylishly. It’s such a blessing for fashion lover like me. I’m truly enjoying the process of choosing what to wear for my daughter and myself. I love when we both shine, like Mommy like Daughter.A lot of people may think fashion is easy or is not necessary at such young age, but I think that really good sense of style is actually a skill that needs development and it can teach us the sense of beauty and appreciation of art early on. Understanding good fashion allows us to express our true creative personality." 

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