Gatsby Fashion: The Glitz and Glamour of the 1920's

There is a reason why we view the 1920's as the golden era and it because, in our time of need, we like to dream of a time of opulence. No era can produce a more luxurious lifestyle than the endless parties and inconspicuous spending of the 20's and the one writer to truly capture the era's essence is no other than F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby may not have been Fitzgerald's greatest novel but very few novels can capture the allure of the golden age as well as its emptiness. So to celebrate the release of yet another Great Gatsby movie, we wanted to go wild and bring you a little bit of moder 20's fashion. But trust me, just like the excess riches of the era, fashion in the spirit of the 1920's does not come cheap.


Nothing excites me about this movie more than the extravagance and glamour that we have come to expect from a Baz Luhrmann film. His signature style is perfect for the era and perfect for a little eye candy. I decided to recreate some of the amazing costumes in the movie for this post because nothing will remind us of the 1920's more than the fashion and Baz Lurhmann just happens to capture it perfectly.

Jay Gatsby
The man who is the pure image of excess. He comes from new money with one dream and one goal and that is to impress the love the he lost. There isn't anything about Gatsby that isn't perfect because to win a darling like Daisy, how you can be any less? Now the Brooks Brothers have given us a chance to own all of Gatsby's beautiful shirts in their new Gatsby Collection.

The Great Gatsby Ivory Linen Suit

The Great Gatsby Tuxedo

Nick Carraway
A young writer who is the only to see the culture of the 1920's for what it really is. Nick might not be the most over the top character but he is a character we can all relate to and his clothes are no different.

The Great Gatsby Shawl Collar Cardigan

Daisy Buchanan
Daisy is obviously the epitome of beauty and grace because, at the time, it seems as if that's all women can be prized for; being a beautiful fool. Unfortunately no one has decided to produce a collection of her dresses but we can make due with a Lanvin fur coat and some Valentino heels. 

Daisy Buchanan

Oasis sequin dress
$39 -

Lanvin shearling jacket

Valentino pumps

Pearl bracelet
$770 -


Fanciful headwear, art deco patterns, drop-waist dresses, feathers, beads, fringes etc., the 20's has left us with many unique fashion elements. To tastefully put together a modern day outfit inspired by 1920's or any retro trend, in my opinion, a big no-no is to pile on all the known styles from that era. Because what you want to be is a modern woman with fine taste of fashion, not a time traveller who comes to today straight from back then. My 3 picks below focus on 1 or 2 20's elements, and mix & match them with some modern trends.

Modern Flapper
This look features the dropped waistline and cloche hat from 1920's. Unlike the original 1920's dresses, this dress is very simple – it does not have any fringes, beads or bling-blings. It is just a simple and straightforward design with light-hearted baby blue.

Great Gastby Inspired Modern Summer Look

Scotch & Soda studded shoes
$120 -

Kate Spade kates spade

Dickins Jones cloche hat
$55 -


Intricate Gold with Simple Black
Get a simple drop-waist one piece and pick out some intricate statement jewels to complete the look. Also don't shy away from dramatic eye-shadows and red lipsticks!

Black & Gold Inspired by Great Gatsby


Adidas shoes

Milly fringe handbag

Gold jewelry

Confetti nail polish
$22 -


Art Deco with Bold Silhouette
If sporting a bold art deco style geo-graphic print, like this one here, is too much for your daily wear, then jewelry is the easiest way to add a touch of Deco-inspired glam. Put one some neutral-tone loose casual top with wide-legged trousers to create a bold sihoueette first, then leave the rest up to your fringed, detailed, and bold accessories to create the sense of 1920's glamour.

Art Deco Inspired Summer Casual Glam

Raxevsky long sleeve blouse
$91 -

Darling wide leg pants
$61 -

Alexander mcqueen clutch

Gold jewelry

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