Miss Gina's Bottom-Up Approach

"My love for shoes is the real deal." Gina with Her fav. Spike Lita from JC
Some people first pick out an outfit and then shoes to match. Others, first pick out their shoes and then an outfit to match. I, personally, fall into the latter category. This probably explains why my average piece of clothing costs $7 while my average pair of shoes exceeds $100. If a consulting analogy was needed, it would be a bottom-to-top approach, versus a top-to-bottom approach, literally. And people who know me, know just how much I love to be taken literally. 

Just kidding. I lied. I don't. But in all seriousness, my love for shoes is the real deal.

Growing up, I always assumed I would be a certain height by a certain age. For one reason or another (probably genetics), this did not turn out to be the case. In fact, my height is actually below the average height for Asian women and I don't even have malnutrition or hard manual labor to blame! In Russia, for people who wish to be an inch or two taller, they have surgery where they break the joints in your legs and insert metal rods which are then extended in millimeters on a daily basis for a month. Aside from the excruciating pain, you're also bed-ridden for several months and will have permanent metal rods in your body. Think about getting through airport security! Amirite?!

Luckily, I am female and can wear my five inch heels without too much judgment. (Go big or go home, right?) However, my low tolerance for pain and the need to be sober most of the time stood in the way of me and those heels. So imagine, much to my delight, when I discovered the Lita by Jeffrey Campbell. Where else can I find a 5 inch heel that I can wear for a whole day and not feel like a cripple? The 2 inch platform in front definitely helps. The surprising lightness of the shoe makes me feel like I'm walking on air. I was hooked. With-in a month, I bought 5 pairs of the same shoe (in different colors of course).

This brings me to my favorite pair of Litas. The spiked heel Litas. Unintentionally, also the most dangerous weapon I own, aside from pepper spray. It tells people "I may have the face of a high schooler, but I can still hurt you on purpose or by accident, so best to keep your distance." How many shoes do you know can give you that impression??

Another pair of Jeffrey Campbell that I love are the heelless 6.5 inches Night Walkers. Basically an updated version of the Mary Jane. Despite the thickness of the shoe, it's incredibly light. However, to be honest, these shoes are not exactly a walk in the park and should be worn in situations where there is a lot of sitting involved.


If you can't tell already, I love Jeffrey Campbell shoes. They are ridiculously original in their design and come with some pretty out there stuff. It's mostly a love hate thing. Either I extremely love something of theirs or I extremely hate it. They definitely polarize me with their different designs.

Sometimes, you don't want to be too obvious that you're faking it. Hence, the hidden wedge sneaker. Not only are they really comfortable, but they also give the impression that you're normal height, without the trying part. My wannabe Isabel Marant sneakers fulfill that need more than you can imagine.

It now comes to the point where if I wear flats, friends and co-workers comment on how short I am. I don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing. Time will tell. So until I get my surprise growth spurt at the age of 26, continue to expect me in an assortment of wearable (or not) heels :)


What Gina is wearing:
Top: H&M - divided black sweater dress
Bottom: jeggings - from China Necklace,
lady gaga sunglasses - from China
Camera: Fuji instax mini25 - hello kitty edition
Watch: Chanel - j12


About our friend Gina:
"I currently work at a Biotech company in Beijing. I'm pretty sure I left my heart in San Francisco, since each time I leave, I suffer from major bouts of depression. Most of my wardrobe (shoes included) are still in SF! This could be a contributing factor to my depression, along with my friends and family being there as well.  If you're interested in learning about life in BJ as an ex-pat, check out my blog!"

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