Sailor Moon

Even though this kimono wrap looks nothing like the uniforms in Sailor Moon (a mega popular Japanese anime series from the 90's), its strong traditional Japanese flavor still brings me back the memories of my obsession with Sailor Moon and my childhood fantasy of becoming a heroine just like those 5 teenage soldiers. Underneath her normal school uniform, Sailor Moon is actually a heroine with magical powers with the responsibility of defending the universe from the evil. However, THE best part is that her trainer and mentor is a talking black cat. Now being in my twenties, I might have grown out of the whole magic universe business (or maybe not? I am thinking about re-watching the entire series of Sailor Moon now... anyone?), but my childhood fantasy of adventure, love, and growing up from Sailor Moon will always be part of me. 

Photos by the Bodacious Irene Tran

It was a lot fun doing this shoot. We went to possibly the most beautiful area in urban SF - Palace of Fine Arts. And this is actually the first time I wear this wrap outside of my room. I layered it on top of a simple tube dress and put on a silk waist belt to give the outfit shape, also to keep the wrap together in the front since it does not have any buttons or buckles.
Items (not exact) for this outfit
I'm wearing
Kimono Wrap: Subtle Luxury
Dress inside: Similar
Sandals: Mel Pepper
Ring: Similar

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