Holiday Hairdo with Zoe

The holidays are coming up and so are the parties. Other than the sequin dresses and bling blings, you can add a bit more holiday spirit in your outfit by styling your hair. Thanks our friend Zoe for doing the tutorial.


French Braid Crown for Short Hair
For girls with bobs of shoulder-length, chin-length, or of any length – it’s a bit harder to be festive with our tresses. Hair accessories can be of great help for us. My usual go-to is curling my hair and adorning with a ribboned headband. But if I want something more whimsical, I usually go for a braid. A fishtail braid is much more difficult for shorter hair - you’re not really working with much! So I opted for a French braid, much like the normal three stranded braid, but I think a bit fancier. Below is a tutorial for braiding short hair. Below you can see that my hair is just above my shoulders. 

Step 1
Starting at the crown, part my hair naturally.

Step 2
Start braiding by grabbing three strands of hair. See detailed instruction on french braid here.

To begin braiding, you start as you would normally braid except you’re continuously adding more hair into the braid. I followed the natural lining of my scalp until I reached the other side, where I used bobby pins to hold the braid in place.

Below is what it looks like when you finish braiding one side. I think one-side braiding is cool too. 
Repeated the above steps for the other side of my head until I run out of hair to braid. My hair curls on its own, but if you’d like to add the curls too, try using a curling iron with a 2” barrel and curl your remaining hair so that it doesn’t lay flat. Then add some festive long earrings!

Special thanks goes to our friend Zoe, who also helped us with illustration for a previous skincare post. Also thanks Annie for being the photographer. We hope you find this tutorial for short hair helpful. Stay tuned for Zoe's tutorial for long hair next week!