Moscow Winter Dream

Photos by Michelle
Never been to Russia, but it's not hard for me to imagine that winter in Russia would be 100 times more brutal than the mild Autumn-like winter here in San Francisco. But with this vintage fur hat I found at Jack of All Trades indie craft & antique market in Oakland, I can't help taking a fancy to a Moscow white winter. 

Fur is like gold accessories in fashion: there is a fine line between being fashionable or tacky while wearing one. Not sure if I've cracked the code of sporting fur, but I quite like this white fur hat, even with my not-so-winter outfits. It does a very good job protecting my head from the chilly san francisco wind, and I like the fun of wearing something so fluffy on my head ;-). 

The body chain is another find from the Jack of All Trades in Oakland. I've seen some body chains by some local jewelers at various crafts fair before and thought they were very interesting. It can instantly adds some extra jazz (either fancy or edgy) to your daily dress or shirt. The one I got can be worn in three different ways. I like how it hangs over my shoulder in the pictures – an interesting mix of hard armor and soft drape.

The dress is actually a long tutu-style skirt. As much as I love it, I have a hard time finding the right top to pair with it. So here I just got creative: wearing it as a dress and adding a thin belt to create a good shape. After all,  it is the creativity in fashion I enjoy.

I'm Wearing:
Hat: similar
Glasses: seen here
Dress: seen here
Boots: Arche (similar)

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  1. Lovely! It's always good to pull the strings of your soul.

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