Mementos from Seattle

As most of you know, Xiang and I used to live happily together in Seattle but then she moved to San Francisco and we haven't seen much of each other since. So I was super excited for her to visit me in Seattle this past weekend and also to get a chance to show her parts of the city she had never been to before. Here are some momentos from our adventures seen through Instagram.

Of course the weather was being lovely as always when Xiang arrived so we spent the evening at the Seattle International Film Festival watching a movie about the Russian wealth disparity... at least that's what I think it's about. We also suckled on frog legs and fried chicken with coconut flakes at the new Indonesian restaurant, Cloves, in Lower Queen Anne. 

We lived like tourists on Saturday and braved up the Space Needle for a three course breakfast and some DayQuil to sooth Xiang's cold.  The Seattle Center was the hub for Folklife over the weekend so it was home to all sorts of crowds but we found a quiet place to do a fashion shoot at the Chihuly glass exhibit. The photos turned out just as beautiful as the glass and we can't wait to share them soon!

The best quick breakfast/brunch/lunch place in Seattle is definitely Pie in Fremont. The personal sized pies hit the spot and they even put a heart on it ♥. With our stomachs full we did a little shoot (and a shot) at the Mischief Distillery

We also leveled up our Vintage Shopping experience with Leonard at the Fremont Vintage Mall. Both of us found some amazing shades as well as an awesome vintage camera bag for me. Lastly, I'd like to leave you with some adorable sticker photos Xiang and I made from our new favorite app, Line Camera:

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