In the Mood for a Monster and Mischief

Hiding under the Aurora Bridge in Seattle, the Fremont Troll, made of steel, wire, and concrete, poses with me for this photo shoot. It is in Seattle's quirky and cute Fremont neighborhood, where we also found the Mischielf Distillery and Tasting Room, another hidden gem for the photos in this post

This outfit has a crazy, retro color palette and this season's trendy neon yellow. The ASOS pencil skirt is seriously skin tight! Wearing it makes me feel like a mermaid :p. The high "flatform" is not only extremely comfortable, but also light on my feet.


What I'm Wearing

Blouse: from Akira Chicago
Skirt: ASOS

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  1. why are you trying so hard to be hipster? you should stay true to yourself. :)