Fall into Fashion: Our Favorite Looks for Fall 2012

Outfits for Fall usually tend to have a darker shade than Summer or Spring looks therefor our wardrobes tend to go from pink to maroon, baby grassy green to dimmer military green, and yellow gets more paired up with dark brown or black, etc. Topshop's 2012 Fall lookbook seems to fit into Fall very nicely. Mixing and matching different materials and patterns keeps things interesting.


Gillyhicks is one of our favorite brands for intimates. Their looks usually stay classy and does change dramatically between seasons, but they do work well if you are looking for some cute basics. Their sweaters are soft and can complete a low-key "preppy" look if that's what you are looking for. 

If you are just a fan of lighter colors, take a look at Nasty Gal's Fall 2012 lookbook: the pallete is light and warm, but they do have The Kink look to keep on the neon trend from this summer. 

I thought I'd take this time to talk about my favorite upcoming trends this fall and one of the most prominent trends I'm seeing is faux leather everything (or sometimes real leather).

Faux Leather

I have to admit, I can't wait to get my hands on the perfect faux leather skirt as well as some faux leather shorts. I currently have my eye on the leather mini from American Apparel

The High Slit
Another trend that I'm really excited about is the maxi skirt/dress with a high slit... or otherwise popularly known as Angelina Jolie-ing. 

Zara Fall 2012
Mango Fall 2012

My right (or left) leg is definitely going to get some fresh air this fall! 

Knitted Skirts
I don't know why we don't have this next trend every fall and winter however, I'm thankful there will be an abundance of knitted skirts this fall.

Max Mara Fall 2012

The knitted skirt is such a cozy and chic trend that I may just wear that all season long, alone with all the sweater dresses that will be soon to come.

The Peplum
Lastly, the biggest trend of all has been the peplum. This old style trend has come back for 2012 and will be bigger than ever this fall.

Mango Fall 2012
H&M Fall 2012

Tell us about your favorite fall looks and what you're most excited for!

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