In the Mood for a Quiet Place

Photography by the fabulous Zooey Ingles

Libraries are easily one of my favorite places in the world growing up and the architectural marvel that is the Seattle Public Library is nothing short of amazing. I have an affinity for old books so I go wherever the first editions are. So much so that I tried to pass a college course using just the first edition of the couse textbook. Needless to say, I did surprisingly well so I wouldn't discount the library when looking for cheap (and beautiful) alternatives to buying this quarter's textbook.  

When purchasing a white lace skirt, no matter who the maker is, I recommend also purchasing a slip to wear underneath. I tried on a few skirts before settling on this H&M one and they were all very sheer. White is just not a color made to hide anything.

What I'm Wearing

Blouse: H&M (similar)
Skirt: H&M
Jewelry: Pearl Earrings
Clutch: Nine West Perforated Clutch (seen here)
Shoes: J.W. Anderson ALDO Rise Weatherbee Pointy Heeled Shoes


  1. Everything about this post is so lovely! Your outfit is lovely, Zooey's photos are lovely, and I've never seen such a nice library! All of the ones around me are pretty boring.

    1. Thank you! Most libraries in Seattle are super boring. This one just happens to be awesome!