Chasing Parfaits – Snapshots of New York Part 2

While this week's post was intended to be one about just some of the amazing food that New York has to offer, I can't ignore the current state that the east coast is in. I hope that Hurricane Sandy doesn't leave the east coast in the shambles that Hurricane Katrina left New Orleans all those years ago. I also hope that all those who have to go through this crisis will stay safe and alive through the storm. Xiang and I originally had plans to visit New York for Halloween this year and we were lucky to have avoided it. But it doesn't mean we don't intend to visit together another time so I hope all of you can keep your lovely face intact so we can see them once more. Now onto the food...

Shaved Ice

Bourbon and Pear Pie at Four and Twenty Blackbirds
I was lucky enough to get reservations at WD~50 and, even though everything was as delicious as can be, nothing I ate was what it looked like. My favorite dish by far was the Pho Gras, not only because of the play on words but because it was the best pho I've ever had!

The Pho Gras

The best bar I went to by far was Angel's Share. Not only were the bartenders incredibly attractive but they also mixed some of the best drinks I've ever had. The best part of it was that there was only a 20 minute wait on a bustling Saturday night.

Granted nothing will beat the Xiao Long Baos I had in Beijing, the ones at Joe's Shanghai and Joe's Garden are worth a try if you're craving something delicious while exploring Chinatown. After the meal I recommend going to the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory where they have the best black sesame ice cream I've ever had! The lychee was stellar as well.

One thing that really stood out in New York was the abundance of amazing Japanese food. There's no cuisine I love more than Japanese because there's no cuisine that will bring out the natural flavors of ingredients better. Granted most of the Japanese joints in New York will serve you some of the best food you've ever had, none will do it better than Hakata Ton Ton.  The meal at Hakata Ton Ton was one of the least expensive I've had in New York but also one that actually filled me up! Not that I don't love the late night pizza runs or looking for some cheap tacos in bakeries.

Monk Fish Liver

Grilled Squid

Hot Pot for a Cold Night

Creme Brûlée with Black Sesame Ice Cream

Green Tea Tofu

Hopefully these pictures didn't make you too hungry! However let us know if you enjoyed hearing about our respective vacations and don't forget to view more of my photos in New York in Part 1.

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