Where Roses Run Wild

I've had these shorts for a long time but I never found a shirt to match. Finally Xiang arrives with a printed rose navy shirt that I can pair with them. Since I've always imagined wearing these shorts on a breezy day by the beach, I dressed them very casual with a loose fitting shirt and a pair of comfortable flats (also courtesy of Xiang). But these shorts can easily be dressed with a silk shirt, a blazer, and some heels for a completely different look.

I'm wearing:
Shirt: H&M (seen here)
Shorts: H&M (similar)
Shoes: BCBG (similar)


  1. Love the short and how it blended in with the hydrangeas! thanks Xixi for stopping by my blog. xo

  2. One super serious question: what kind of bra do you wear with those shirts? I can't find ones that won't peak out!!!

    1. hi yawniebug,

      Yea, usually this kind of back cutout is tricky to wear a bra, but this shirt has the perfect position so the bra strap would not show at all. But for a regular back cutout, you can try the backless bras:

      Or you can embrace the fact that your bra strap is gonna show, then pick a thin strap one that the color matches the color of your shirt: