Fall into Fashion: Menswear Edition

Zara Man Fall/Winter 2012 Campaign

For most men, there is no question that Fall and Winter are the most exciting seasons for Men's fashion and for us, there is nothing more attractive than a man that is put together. So we asked some of our good friends what their favorite upcoming trends for men's wear are and here are the highly anticipated results! Let us know how they did.

It's currently an exciting time for menswear lovers as last season's fall runway shows are quickly being converted into high quality lookbooks and cozy ad-campaigns (with a bit of eye-candy to boot). In general it seems like Fall 2012's trends are simply another step forward in exaggeration of what we've seen building over the course of the past few seasons. Here, I'll walk you through my top three:

#1: Literary Hero
It's a reflection of this year's most anticipated films, including the final installment of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy and this December's Baz Luhrman adaptation of The Great Gatsby. Gothic heroes and old school style are at the top of mind. While in the past we've seen subtle hints of this trend in tailored blazers and starch white pressed dress shirts, this season it seems like it's finally okay to go on full-on costume. Capes make a dramatic comeback, trench coat almost touch the floor with average hemlines moving to at least knee length or sometimes lower.

1205, Emporio Armani

Dior Homme

#2: Velveteen Rabbit
Perhaps another texture to tie us back to the style of the past, velvet is popping up everywhere from basic staples such as blazers and suit pants to clever accessories like skinny ties and scarves. The lush feeling and deep colors that accompany it seem fitting for fall. While this trend certainly gives off a classic Hugh Hefner vibe, let's just keep in mind to still keep it classy.

Burberry Prorsum

GANT by Michael Bastian, Tommy Hilfiger

#3: The Green Gang
Last year, navy was the new black. This year, we continue down the color spectrum as this season explores in all shades of green. It's as if menswear is slowly approaching the same revival and enthusiasm for color that women's fashion recently experienced a few years ago. It doesn't matter what the shade— emerald, jade, mint or hunter green, it's all fair game. These green hues provide the perfect accent to men's more popular fall neutral shades like beige, brown, and burgundy.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Asos, H&M


To me, men's wear needs to not only fit well but must also have something memorable about it. That something memorable can be something that stands out without being too flashy. So I picked some of my favorite trends that have an added edge and uniqueness but doesn't quite scream "look at me" all the time.

#1: Muted Color Block
I am very excited about the collaboration between these two iconic Japanese brands: Uniqlo and Undercover.

#2: Mix Texture
Wool is a great fabric for the fall because it keeps you warm and dry. If you want a slightly flashier look, you can simply layer leather with wool. However, if you want something more casual, layering different knit patterns can give you a put together look without calling too much attention to you.

Wings + Horns
#3: Floral and Camo Patterns
Patterns are an obvious way to add personality to your wardrobe. Two of my favorite trending patterns this season in men's wear is floral and camo.

Engineered Garments
Engineered Garments

Gitman Vintage Floral Shirt

Engineered Garments


As fall is just about to hit us, it’s important to take a look at how we can still keep things interesting under all those layers. I am personally not a big fan of trends, partially because I come nowhere near to being able to afford what’s new each season. Still, it’s fun keeping up with designers and making your own interpretations for Fall. Here’s a quick look at some of the things that stood out to me for Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear:

#1: Thoughtful Highlights
If you’re a guy like me and have issues wearing a ton of color, keep it to a minimum and show a pop of color by layering or finding color in the details of sweaters or coats. Bright neons create an exciting contrast against dark shades. The little details can make a big difference and keep your looks interesting without feeling like a walking block of color.

 left to right: Alexander Wang , A.P.C. , E. Tautz 

#2: Form Over Function
Another fun go to this Fall is to look into the construction of jackets. While everyone else is sticking to simple sweaters, look into the technicality of a jacket and try something new. The shape and additional utilities of a jacket can make an easy and warm statement on its own.

top left to bottom right: Yves Saint Laurent, James Long, Dior, Valentino

#3: The Elegant Suwansanya
If you have the budget, look into Suphanut Suwansanya’s recent collection of architectural pieces. This Thai designer finds a really beautiful balance between minimalism and unique character in his designs.

Suphanut Suwansanya

These trends are overall a lot more practical and simplistic than some of the biggest looks that hit the runway this season. If you feel bold enough to pull off velvet pants or capes then I recommend you go for it, but for the average joe that just wants to stand out a little more than average, the use of highlighting colors and a well-constructed jacket can take you far.


A little about our friends:

Sabrina is a designer living and working in San Francisco, she also co-runs a social media blog called Social Proof and a blog on interior design. When it comes to menswear, Sabrina has a love for tailored yet rugged much so that she sometime enjoys shopping for guy friends more than she does for herself. She has provided us with two posts in the past(Menswear picks for Valentine's Day and Petite Gone Oversized).

Hao is a developer for Facebook, living in the Bay Area. He enjoys the modern, tailored fit style that is subtle but has a slight pop of personality to it. When it comes to menswear, Hao really likes the underground street wear style (minus the graphic tees) that is versatile and easy to dress up or down.

Vincent is a senior Art-Business student at Cal Poly. He is intrigued with fashion where professionalism meets avant-garde and loves seeing people who can dress in a carefree manner and express themselves through their unique sense of style. Check out his Tumblr.

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